About Us

Macello Meat House opened its doors in 2017 and soon became an established name in Liverpool, best known for offering quality prime-cut steaks and ambient atmosphere. Macello priorities the quality of food and therefore, only use the best sourced meats and ingredients.









The idea of Macello started years ago while Bayram Yuce had the opportunity to visit London a couple of times because of his culinary projects and whilst in the UK, he got inspired. He wanted to open a steakhouse in Liverpool to serve top quality and break the boundaries in the local area. With the help of Okan Bulut, it was time to turn his dreams into a reality. Step by step, after some time, Macello was created. Macello is all about simplicity and enjoying the experience.


Macello aims to provide a one of a kind dining experience by offering the best selection of meats, accompanied by fine wines. The experience begins the moment you enter the door, welcomed by a warm smile. After selecting from a wide range of prime cut meats, you would have a chance to be part of the cooking process through a chef’s display of skills through an open concept kitchen and charcoal grill. It will then be sliced and seasoned in front of you, to get the best out of it.


Bayram Yuce is the executive chef of Macello. A culinary wonder. He uses sophisticated techniques to produce the simplest of steak dishes that he approaches with a passion and a drive to serve nothing but the best quality food, from the cooking to the serving and finally, the presentation of the dishes. Chef Yuce is aware of the need to motivate his team and express expectations clearly to lead the team, this is why you can be assured that your experience at Macello would be top; not only in food, but also the quality of service. We’re always ready to surprise you with our new ideas, with quality service promise.